Abstract Submission Guidelines

Abstracts should be submitted in clear concise English and not exceeding 250 words in a word document. It should have a Title - reflecting the content of the abstract. The list of authors, with the presenting author underlined, should be clearly mentioned. The institution/s or affiliations of the authors should come next. It should have separate paragraphs for Introduction, Methods, Results and Conclusion. Three to five keywords should be added. The category of submission, i.e., Vascular IR, Non vascular IR, Interventional Oncology, Management and Education should be mentioned. Methods and Results section should include the data to be presented. Finally, choice of the the category of submission, i.e., Podium presentation, e-poster presentation, or, either, should be mentioned clearly. Completed abstracts should be emailed to abstractsisvir2017@gmail.com.

Abstract Submission Guidelines

All original presentations (Oral papers) are allotted 8 minutes for the presentation and 2 minutes for the discussion/questions. All selected participants should prepare the slides on MS powerpoint or Apple Keynote accordingly and strictly adhere to the timings. They should have a one/ two slide introduction, methods, results and a single slide conclusion.

All unusual case presentations and complications should have a powerpoint or keynote presentation over 6 minutes and ideally should include short videos to highlight dynamic technical aspects.

e-Posters can be submitted in the following categories:

Vascular intervention

Non Vascular Intervention

Interventional Oncology